Me .

I have a passion for all aspects of narrative design.


I am a highly ambitious and detail-oriented creative with over a decades worth of experience in traditional fine art mediums, and six plus years of experience writing, directing, shooting, and editing narrative and journalistic media. I constantly strive to combine my fascination with film and art in any way that I can, but especially through narrative storytelling. No matter the medium, I am always trying to tell a story in the most compelling way I can.


I have been an artist ever since I can remember. I first started drawing at the age of 2, and then quickly progressed to experimenting with mediums such as pastel, colored pencil, and watercolor. Currently, I enjoy working in ink and using painting via the gouache and ink resist method. I was always fascinated with film, but it wasn’t until early adolescence that I began experimenting with cinema. Once I started I have never stopped.


At present, I have been producing creative design work for various clients— The most notable of which being the distinguished horror film production company, Blumhouse.


I love creating art all the time, but when I’m not doing that— I can be found enjoying 1980s horror films and reading Gothic literature. Although my inspiration stems from all things strange, I am able to use my skills to create art of any genre.



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